Pre school website design by Parrot Media

Pre School website design

Pre School Website Design project

We love to look back at previous projects we have completed in the past. And this is no exception to that, we were approached by Cinder Ash Pre School as they were requiring their current website to be updated.


They had previously been using a DIY website builder but had ran out of time and resources to keep the website up to date.


We were delighted to take on the project for a pre school website design and got started right away.

We took their existing design and branding and set out designing and building their new website. 


Responsive website design

All our designs need to be viewed perfectly on any device. The majority of us these days view websites on a handheld device such as a smartphone or a tablet.


With our design for Cinder Ash, we started with Mobile First, we always concentrate this way as it is much easier to scale up for bigger screens

pre school website design for mobile by Parrot Media
Pre School website design - Home Page design by Parrot Media

Home Page Design

For this pre school website home page we needed to make sure we gave visitors a good overview of the services that Cinder Ash Pre School🔗 provide. 


We did this by having a good hero image at the top that quite clearly gives a great idea of how this Pre School works and what they can do to benefit younger children. The Pre School has a focus on outdoor play and that can be seen clearly on the home page with some great imagery.


We kept the layout clean and simple with lots of white space. But made sure that it still conveyed the right message and helps give future parents the right information they require.


We also felt it was quite important to show a Google Maps on the home page so visitors can quickly see where the Pre School is located.

The footer also was designed to have a quick form that parents can fill out to request more information.

Contact Page

The contact page for Cinder Ash Pre School was very simply as a point of contact for parents to find out contact details.


We also placed a contact form on this page, which was also protected with Google Recaptcha🔗 to prevent any spam message attacks on the website.

Pre School website design - Contact Page design by Parrot Media

Staff Members web page design

The previous website for Cinder Ash Pre School had a staff page, so we continued this on and came up with a new format.


We designed each Staff Member with a card that had their staff image as a header and then a short excerpt of their profile.

Visitors can then click on each button to read more about that staff member. This produces a pop up window with further information about that staff member.


As and when the staff members change, we simply make the changes required and re publish the page.

Pop up Modal for staff information

As can be seen below, once a visitor clicks on the button to read more, a Modal🔗 pops up to show more information.

Staff pop up modal for Pre School Website Design by Parrot Media
Pop up Modal with further staff information

Services web page design

We created a services page for Cinder Ash Pre School in order to give parents a good understanding of the services on offer at Cinder Ash Pre School.


We combined this with a good selection of images to convey the vibrant atmosphere at the Pre School.

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